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VMA classes are structured to give your child the best in Self- Defense and physical fitness, while giving them the life skills they need to succeed. Here at VMA, we believe the martial arts is more than just kicking and punching. We have perfected a system to instill a set of ideals that we believe to be crucial for a growing child. These ideals are seamlessly reinforced throughout classes alongside their Martial Arts Training.

What can your children gain from classes at Victory Mixed Martial Arts?


Plenty of kids get caught up playing video games and eating junk food. They need an activity that captivates their attention and encourages a healthy lifestyle while giving them the necessary skills they need to defend themselves. These are just a few of the many benefits from training in the martial arts:

» Weight loss and overall increased fitness levels
» Increased muscle tone & strength
» Increased flexibility
» Learn one of the most effective self-defense systems available today
» Improved motor skills

» Train with certified instructors who serve as role models
» Develop hand-eye coordination
» Meet and learn from other students while making friends
» Be a part of the world’s fastest growing sport


Victory Martial Arts schools have become widely known in their various communities on Long Island, for their strong anti-bullying program. VMA’s anti-bullying program aims to help children of all ages to not only stop bullying, but also to guard against all future incidents.

VMA’s philosophy involves shifting the power balance back into neutral ground. With a background in martial arts training, your child will be physically stronger and faster, as well as better equipped with the appropriate skill set to defend themselves against potential bullies. Moreover, martial art training empowers students with confidence to walk the halls of their school bully-free, and gives them the security every child needs to focus and learn.

In every class, students will be taught not only how to kick and punch but the appropriate times and ways to use their self-defense training. Scenarios are brought up in a question-answer based environment, where the kids discuss with their instructors possible consequences and outcomes. Alternatives to fighting including avoiding potentially bad situations, finding an adult, and Options such as avoiding a fight, getting a teacher, or talking to the bully are discussed as preferable alternatives. In fact, the number one martial arts philosophy for kids is that they should never have to fight. Bullies don’t pick on kids who are confident when they walk, make eye contact when they talk, and are as strong physically as they are mentally.

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